How to play live casino poker tournaments

Tournament poker is very popular among players, the largest tournaments bring together more than fifty thousand participants in one competition, and the prizes that can be won reach astounding proportions.

By the way, tournaments hold not only poker rooms, but also online casinos. For example, Pin UP – Pin Up Casino also has a wide selection of tournaments where the player can win real money.

Live casino poker tournaments – how to play?

What is special about casino live poker tournaments? The fact is that before the start of the game, each participant receives a certain equal number of chips. They make up his stack, which cannot be resumed in case of loss. The exceptions are some varieties of poker rebuy tournaments where the player can fill up the stack for a certain time, as well as tournaments with add-ons where the player can buy several more stacks at the same time.

As it’s already clear, in most cases a fee is charged for entering a poker tournament. Although there are exceptions, in the form of so-called freerolls, where participation is free. Part of the tournament contribution goes to the organizers (usually not more than 10%), and the rest is paid to the general prize pool. Prizes themselves can be formed in different ways: only at the expense of contributions, at the expense of contributions, but not less than the guaranteed share (if there are not enough contributions, then the rest is paid by the institution), as well as with an added prize fund, where the promised part of the money is added to the amount of contributions from the organizer.

The distribution of prize money depends on the desire of the organizer of the tournament. Currently, a scheme for increasing prize money is being practiced, depending on which account the participant flew out. Approximately 10% of the top places are paid, with the first place most often receiving about 30% of the total fund. To try this opportunity everyone can in texas holdem. No need to go for hold em to las vegas, it’s available online.

The game follows the standard poker rules, but there are some features compared to cash games. So an integral feature of poker tournaments is the constant increase in blinds, which encourages players to act actively, otherwise they will lose their stack and will not be able to continue to participate in the game. In addition, in many poker tournaments the number of participants is much larger than can be placed at one game table, so during the tournament, rivals can change regardless of desire.

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