Live Poker and video Poker online — pros and cons

Poker is still the most popular card game, but now, most people play it in an online casino, not at home, with their buddies. Doing it, they can either pick a real dealer live Poker online or Video Poker. In each of these variants, the game will be almost the same, but the rules, conditions of the game, payouts, offs, and fun, will vary. Choosing what to prefer, it is advisable to compare Video Poker online vs live Poker and decide, which one matches the gambler better.

Playing one round at a slot machine or playing a regular poker round in an online casino is a bit different, but playing a face-to-face Blackjack or live Poker online with a real dealer and other players at a live casino table is another thing. This special atmosphere, the excitement and the reality of playing can be compared with real large casino atmosphere.

Pros and cons of live Poker online

A lot has been done in the field of online casino games in recent years. In the meantime, a large number of renowned casinos on the Internet offer live games — Roulette, Blackjack and Poker. This was made possible by the introduction and dissemination of novel technologies. The principle is relatively simple and is based on video systems that are similar in construction, such as video systems.

Of course, even with this type of game, all actions are still performed by pressing buttons, but gamblers can see and experience both the dealer and the other players directly and live. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages in live Poker game online that can sometimes be very meaningful when choosing the type of game.


  • It creates an atmosphere of a real casino. It creates a mid-feel when the player can actively participate in the action.
  • Video chats usually create livelier and better conversations among the players.
  • Playing live Poker online, gamers have the opportunity to better respond to reactions of other players or the dealer. This makes it much easier, for example, to bluff or to get out of the game in time.


  • The number of players is often limited. The main reason for this is the smaller space for the video and chat windows of the players.
  • Often, playing live dealer games requires a bit more effort and preparation and a certain amount of experience.

Video Poker — is it better?

Video Poker is a game that is played on slot machines and offered in many casinos and gambling halls. It is based on the poker variant called Five Card Draw. The goal of the game was and is to reach the best hand with these five cards. As with today’s Poker, the Royal Flush is the measure of all things. Streets, Full House, Pairs, etc. can be found in Video Poker as well. Depending on the type of game, the player can exchange the cards from his five-card hand once or twice.

In comparison with live online Poker, Video Poker is very easy to play. One should know only the value of the combinations in order to make no mistake when exchanging the cards. Other variants, such as Hold’em or Stud, it requires a strategy and details to succeed. Of course, there are also various modifications in Video Poker. Many online casinos also include versions such as “Jacks or Better”, “Tens or Better” and “Deuces and Wild”.

Things that make Video Poker the best choice:

  • Easy playing;
  • Different variants available;
  • No knowledge necessary;
  • Fun to play.

However, playing Video Poker and not live Poker online for real money, the players like to scrounge fraud from the casinos. This negative attitude is not least due to the history of casinos and online casinos. Gamers simply do not trust RGN machines and for this reason, go to an online live Poker version.

Of course, playing a live dealer game is far more exciting than playing a usual online casino game, especially Poker. However, the fun can quickly become an absolute disaster if the player does not have the necessary knowledge of the game. Therefore, whatever a gamer chooses, he should mind the rules.

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